Skeleton Flowers

transparent-skeleton-flowers-in-rain-diphylleia-grayi-23The Skeleton Flower (diphylleia grayi) is found in Japan, China, and the Appalachian Mountains of the US. Normally white, nourishment (rainwater) makes it transparent, and when it dries, it turns white again.

Can a person’s soul become as transparent as the skeleton flower if it receives the right nourishment?


I discovered the flower while researching for a new character with nonverbal autism. Rabbit-holes like those are wonderful; I always learn something new. In addition to the fascinating skeleton flower, I found stories online about autistic people who are nonverbal but intelligent, essentially trapped in their own bodies, unable to communicate. Most learned to write or type, and were then able to tell (shocked) family, friends, or teachers that they could understand everything being said. Some even learned to speak eventually, though speech continues to challenge them.

Communication, verbal or nonverbal, is one of the things that nourishes the soul. It provides our connection to other humans, and helps us feel loved and less alone.

For more info on the Skeleton Flower, including a video, see Bored Panda’s web page.

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