Preview: Just Like Me, Chapter 1: Jamie

Here’s the thing I don’t understand: if bullies are so mean to others, why do kids want to be friends with them but not with me? Mom tried to explain it to me once – something about being like other kids and some people gravitating toward the loudest voice in the room – but I... Continue Reading →


Picture, if you can, the nerd sirens going off. I know it's not just me, but sometimes I love learning new things just because I can. [And sometimes I like sitting on the couch watching Mork and Mindy reruns. Go figure. I miss Robin Williams.] I was an English major in college and studied law... Continue Reading →


I'm not an artist, although I'd love to be one. I've dabbled in art-ish things, like drawing and painting, but mostly I stick with crafts such as scrapbooking, home decorating, and crocheting. That means I don't know a lot about what it takes to make great art. So, of course, I created a character who's... Continue Reading →

At the Birdfeeder: Woodpeckers

A few more visitors to my yard. I was thrilled to catch sight of this very shy guy looking for food. Based on its markings, it appears to be a Northern Flicker, and a pretty good-sized bird. It didn't visit very often, and when it did it was very hard to get a photo; it... Continue Reading →

The Stigma of Aggression and Self-Injury

If you have a child with autism who suffers from behavioral symptoms, this post is my way of saying: you're not alone. It is an unfortunate fact that many children with autism exhibit symptoms in three domains: social, language, and behavioral, including aggression and self-injury. "Aggression and self-injury may be associated symptoms of autism and can... Continue Reading →

A Healthier Muffin

My son has all kinds of food texture issues, and refuses to eat all but the most processed and/or familiar of foods. So when I say "healthier," that's my reference. These muffins taste good, and have lots of good-for-you ingredients like whole wheat, unsweetened applesauce, and Greek yogurt. And he'll eat them, which is how... Continue Reading →

Skeleton Flowers

The Skeleton Flower (diphylleia grayi) is found in Japan, China, and the Appalachian Mountains of the US. Normally white, nourishment (rainwater) makes it transparent, and when it dries, it turns white again. Can a person's soul become as transparent as the skeleton flower if it receives the right nourishment? I discovered the flower while researching... Continue Reading →

At the Birdfeeder: May

A few weeks ago, my kind husband put up a backyard birdfeeder just outside the kitchen window, so I could watch as I worked during the day. [Or, maybe, so I wouldn't go crazy working from home alone most of the day. ] Some of the most recent visitors were these two gems, just barely... Continue Reading →

Just Like Me: When Research is Real Life

It is very common for writers to discuss their research for a novel. For some, that may involve reading all about Hermes Trimigestes and the Emerald Tablet, or sword play, or police procedures. I’ve researched subjects that have dragged me down into a rabbit hold from which I took hours to emerge. I’m lucky to... Continue Reading →

The Difference a Year Makes

  Seeking treatment for a child with autism and co-morbid diagnoses has its challenges. Until this year, our insurance refused to pay for ABA therapy, the gold standard for autism treatment, forcing us to skimp on ABA and use CBT. CBT is a good therapy, but it assumes that the person has the functioning ability... Continue Reading →

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